About us

La Gaia is the flagship restaurant of Ibiza Gran Hotel. With chef Óscar Molina at the helm of the kitchen and inspired by local foods, it offers a menu with unique flavors that extols the quality of the surrounding natural resources. Thanks to its creations and excellent service, the restaurant has a MICHELIN star and 2 Repsol suns that guarantee excellent quality in cuisine and exquisite service.

The magic of raising
a celebratory toast

Each wine is an adventure, a short story that ennobles every detail and arouses one’s senses. Our prestigious sommelier places a spotlight on the setting and the constant search for excellence.

La Gaia cuenta con su primera estrella MICHELIN y dos Soles Repsol. Ubicado en Ibiza Gran Hotel 5*GL, el único hotel de Ibiza con un restaurante estrella MICHELIN.
La Gaia has been awarded its first MICHELIN star alongside two Suns by Repsol Guide. Located within Ibiza Gran Hotel 5*GL, the only hotel in Ibiza with a MICHELIN star restaurant.