Our culinary proposal

Mediterranean Kaiseki is the result of the perfect combination of
haute cuisine and artistic expression at the service of premium local
products. A sensory and enveloping journey that appeals to the five
senses and transcends the culinary world. This concept combines
Japanese influences of the kaiseki ceremony with Mediterranean
techniques, ingredients and influences.

The Gastronomic Menu

The La Gaia menu is the result of chef Óscar Molina’s demand and curiosity to try new techniques, products, textures and flavors, and with this surprise us. It is the answer to their incessant search for excellence and sophistication, resulting in a ceremony in which flavors play a major role.

Tasting Menu

Following the millenary tradition of kaiseki, the team at La Gaia has created a menu that combines haute cuisine and creative expression, in a ceremony in which every detail, color and texture are balanced to express and enhance the entire experience.

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La Gaia cuenta con Dos Soles Repsol, la prestigiosa distinción que la Guía Repsol concede a los mejores restaurantes y cocineros como reconocimiento a una cocina y servicio excelentes.
La Gaia has Two Relpsol Suns, the prestigious distinction that the Repsol Guide grants to the best restaurants and chefs in recognition of excellent cuisine and service.

Covid-19 update

  • Rope dividers and signage are placed to maintain safe entrance, control the number of clients entering and within the waiting areas at any given time.
  • Tables are fully sanitised before each service.
  • Our hostess will arrange the seating with a maximum of 75% limited capacity.
  • The floorplan is adjusted to be compliant with the safe distancing of 1.5 metres.
  • Clients are required to wear a mask while they are not eating or drinking.
  • Digital menus via QR codes and single-use menus will be available.
  • Contactless payment options are encouraged.